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We’re almost 20 years into our journey to be the best!

We have a long way to go, and we enthusiastically hone our craft daily. When we started with very little in 2001, we had no idea whatsoever what we were capable of as a team, but we shared a vision, developed a passion & combined our gifts & talents. All we know now is we cannot even imagine where we can go if we continue to combine our talents with a desire to learn. The best is yet to come!


Since 2001, Equator has proudly marketed fashion accessories to the South African retail sector.

We conceive & design
We solve & drive
We make & deliver

At Equator (named after Earth’s favourite belt) we strive for excellence: people excellence, product excellence & distribution excellence. This is achieved by carefully balancing the needs of the environment, our customers, our categories, our retail partners, our own people, and applying technology & the latest design & trend thinking to our processes. Because we have our own factory we have an intimate understanding of our product categories.


Our mission is simply to offer a platform for passionate people to work in a respectful, dignified environment where they can explore, imagine & grow way beyond what they themselves believed possible.

In that way, we believe our products will be the best! Equator is a brand driven by excellent service and genuine people who share an equal passion to bring quality, value-for-money, on-trend accessories to the South African retail sector. Equator is blessed with talented people who choose to make their careers here.
  • To consistently deliver on efficient service, quality products & guaranteed lead times so that we may always meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • To demonstrate that we are a forward-thinking brand by staying abreast of international product development capabilities and design trends, inspiring ourselves and our customers, with whom we share our knowledge freely.
  • To represent our brand with pride through seamless brand communication and application of our identity, adding value to our brand experience at every consumer touch point.
  • To support enterprise development with integrity and maintain an ethical route to market.
  • To reinforce our appreciation and respect for our customers, suppliers and colleagues by recognising their individual rights and values, so that we may be bound by a strong esprit de corps.
  • To enhance employee engagement and our brand reputation through a focused corporate social responsibility strategy, investing in the needs of our people, the environment, and our community.
  • To instill our dedicated, passionate and friendly spirit in everything we do.

From our genuine leather to the members of the Equator team – we like to keep it real! We value authenticity, individuality, and self-expression.

Our open-door policy ‘honesty and transparency’ has made it possible for us to strengthen and grow relationships with both our customers, our suppliers and our people. As the founder, my only regret is that I didn’t understand the power of Human Capital when I started. Whilst we have a way to go, we are convinced that business is a balance between Human & Financial capital for a mutually beneficially outcome.