OUR SUSTAINABILITY JOURNEY2018-10-24T00:05:56+00:00

Can one sustainable factory save the world?

Maybe not but we can still do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint and make sure we manage our business as sustainably as possible. Maybe our clients and employees will be inspired and then, one day, we may all create a cleaner, greener world.

It’s all in the journey.

We know the work to be more sustainable never ends. It takes ongoing innovation
and commitment – and that excites us! Every year the bar will be raised on this. We work hard to ensure that behind our world-class, South African made products are happy and healthy people, efficient operations, proud ethics and trade transparency.

Future Plans

We meant it when we said, sustainability is a journey!
We have identified a short, medium and long-term plan of action to ensure we are always improving. Take a peek at some of what we are working on

Know of a way we can improve? Let us know and join in our journey.